Rabu, 23 November 2011

Wednesday bookmarks, November 23

Time for some more bookmarks! I've started thinking about the holidays (who hasn't?) and find myself bookmarking lots of delicious stuff that'll be perfect as gifts, or to serve to friends and family. Four of my bookmarks are to Swedish blogs today - I hope you don't mind too much, you can always ask if you need me to translate something! As always, more of my bookmarks are here.

I've never had American "nilla wafers" and I sort of feel like I've missed out on something. I'm sure they're not all that good though - at least not as good as Weelicious homemade Vanilla Wafers!

Another US classic, but one I actually have tried: cheez-its. Homemade wholewheat ones from Texanerin Baking is definitely something I want to try, too. I bet they'll beat the ones that come out of a box!

I rarely serve proper desserts on christmas - who has room for it anyway? But I admit I really want to try this amazing-looking Salted Caramel Six-Layer Chocolate Cake, originally from Martha Stewart, that The Bitten Word wrote about. Will you come help me eat it?

Another option, lighter but definitely not any less elegant, is a Praline Soufflé from Zen Can Cook.

I do make holiday candy. This year, I'm strongly considering Bacon Caramels, Hazelnut Brittle with Sea Salt, and French Nougat. (All links in swedish.)

A great holiday gift is homemade jam or marmalade. Helena Ljunggren (whose blog is well worth a visit for her gorgeous photography alone!) just posted about a christmas marmalade with figs and citrus - it looks divine.