Sabtu, 22 Oktober 2011

Happy 7th birthday, blog!

Really, seven years of blogging? I can't believe it's been that long. It feels like it was only yesterday I was walking to work, talking to myself about food (and um, yes, I do that quite a bit) and decided that I might as well start sharing it with the world. Because that was really why I started.

And why I keep at it..? It's still the need to talk. I have things to say. And I'm so grateful that I have readers that apparently want to talk to me. The contacts and the feedback is really what makes it so much fun.

I know I've been slowing down this past year, and I might slow down even more, maybe posting 3-4 times per week rather than 6-7 - but I hope you won't mind.

I usually celebrate this day with a cake. This year... I'm a bit embarrassed, but as I get SO many e-mails about this cake, I thought I'd set the record straight. What you see above (so sorry about that sucky photo) is a Daim cake, made by the company Almondy. It comes from a box, frozen. It's what's served in IKEA:s all over the world, and, honestly, it's my most requested recipe.

And I've never made one. Not now, not ever. I probably won't. It's even available in gas stations, and very inexpensive. Not to mention I've never seen a recipe for it. What I do have is the cake that it's based on - the original Oscar II:s cake, with almonds and buttercream. No daim though - but you could just add that, and maybe some melted chocolate too. Ok, maybe I will try to make one, eventually - but not today. I like the pre-made version just fine, so today, I'll enjoy that.

For my previous birthday cakes, I've made Princess Cake, Black Forest Cake (Swedish style), Budapest Roll, Oscar II:s cake, and a humble vanilla bean jelly roll. (And that's just five, as I never managed to make a cake last year. Sorry!