Selasa, 06 September 2011

This year's glögg: Blossa 11 Arabica

Glögg is a pretty big deal in Sweden, and drunk all through the christmas season. It's basically a spiced wine - sometimes pretty strong, and sometimes with much less alcohol.

One of Sweden's biggest Glögg producers, Blossa, has a special flavor every year, limited edition. It's always preceded by much speculation, and I was pretty excited to go to their press event today. We first got to try the slim green bottle in the photo, which is an apple white Glögg, low in alcohol. It was served over ice, and absolutely delicious.

Then for the main event, we got little cups of the new yearly edition, Blossa 11. It's flavored with coffee! Perfect, in my opinion. I really liked the combination, the bitterness of the coffee took some of the sweetness out of the glögg - lovely.

You won't find on the shelves of your local Systembolaget, unfortunately - you need to place a special order. But it's well worthy it - I promise.