Jumat, 30 September 2011

Our daily bread...


Today, I want to link to a text written by Sébastien Boudet, a French baker in Sweden who's putting a lot of hard work into reforming the way we think about bread. This text was refused by a Swedish bread magazine (BAKA), because they didn't want the debate. Pretty sad! So, instead, head over to Sébastien's blog and read it there. Swedish only, I'm afraid.

It's about the bread industry, and all the shortcuts that are going on. The flour is so inferior it needs additives to behave properly, and a lot of bakers don't learn the proper craftmanship that baking really is, since they use shortcuts and "cheats". (Among these ascorbic acid, sourdough powder, and yeast, too.) I might not agree with every word he says, but he sure is passionate about his beliefs, and his knowledge is immense.

I've written about Sébastien before, when I had an opportunity to take a two-day baking class with him. Great experience!