Senin, 26 September 2011

Cookbook Watch - Taste of a Traveller


One of my readers suggested this book to me a while ago - Taste of a Traveller, by Brett McGregor who won the first Masterchef New Zealand. I had some trouble locating it, but finally wrote to the publisher - Random House New Zealand, and they helped me. (You can order the book here or here.) And you'd do well to get it - it's a really nice cookbook. Brett shares recipes from several parts of the world - south east asia, Spain, Morocco and of course his home country of New Zealand. I have to admit that last part was my favorite, since I knew so little about it. Spain is much closer, and I have Thai food all the time - but Kiwi Cuisine? I know nothing about that.

His food is bright and flavorful, and the recipes are easy, and always from scratch. Lots of spices, too! The book is full of photos - decent food shots, and also tons of personal photographs from Brett's travels. I think that gives it a more personal touch, which definitely brings something extra to the book.