Kamis, 08 September 2011

Broccoli and ham risotto


We enjoy risotto a lot, and eat it at least every two weeks. Lately, we've often had a head a broccoli in the fridge, and as it happens, broccoli is great in risotto. I usually cook the florets by themselves, for a few minutes in salted water and then shock with cold water to retain their color. I just stir them into the risotto at the very end. But the broccoli stalks can be used as well! Peel off the tough layer, and chop the rest finely, and add to the risotto from the beginning, with the onions. Yum!

This particular risotto had ham as well - bacon would be good, too, or no meat at all.

Sorry for no actual recipe - I have plenty of risotto recipes in my archive to the right, so I think you can easily adapt one of those or your own favorite basic recipe! :)