Senin, 18 Juli 2011

Mormor Magda's Ice Cream


We took a trip last week, down to Motala, Gränna and Gothenburg. On the way, we stopped in a tiny little place called Taberg, south of Jönköping. Why? Because one of my friends, Angela, was just about to open her ice cream factory! And who would want to miss that??

Angela has been dreaming about her own ice cream place for years, and finally got it all together. It's called Mormor Magda's ice cream, and she calls it "there-produced" as opposed to "locally produced" since she hopes it will be sold all over Sweden, eventually. I sure hope so too, because as for now, you can only buy it in Jönköping.


Have you seen a prettier ice cream factory? I don't think so. And more importantly, everything is made from the best, freshest, most natural ingredients. No weird additives in this ice cream!


Today's flavors. We tried vanilla, strawberry sorbet, strawberry with white chocolate and cookie dough. All were incredibly yummy.

I'm blogging about Saltå Kvarn at today - check it out! It's a great foodie destination!