Senin, 28 September 2009

Why do YOU cook, Sean Timberlake & DPaul?

Canned Tomatoes

Photo credit: DPaul

Sean and DPaul aren't just home cooks they are home canners, unafraid to take on one hundred pounds of tomatoes at a time. They are also culinary explorers, bakers, and cocktail makers, not to mention charming dinner companions. Their posts at Hedonia share a joie de vivre and a taste for all things delicious from the simplest down home barbecue to dinners at Alinea.

"DPaul and I are both pretty adept in the kitchen, though we tend to do different things. When he's cooking, I'm the de facto sous chef. Unlike him, I love prepping. I find zen in the methodical and repetitious tasks in the kitchen like chopping, and really enjoy working with a knife. I also love cooking as an alchemical process. I enjoy watching flour and egg transform into cool, silky pasta, or fruit and sugar into viscous jam. It's truly magical to me."