Sabtu, 06 September 2008

Jamming in 2008: French Apricot Jam and Estonian Cherry Preserve

I've already put aside a fridge full of various jams and marmelades this summer (luckily, we've got an extra fridge in the garage for that purpose), and I'm still to make some apple jam, lingonberry preserves, not even talking about cranberries and black aronia berries that are ripening as we speak. Here are photos of two jams we've made.

Here's one of K's favourite jams - a French Apricot Jam - French, as we used some very delicious French apricots for this :) K. used 400 grams of caster sugar per 1 kg of fruit, and slowly cooked the jam until desired thickness:

And here's an Estonian Sour Cherry Preserve, using 400 grams of jam sugar per 1 kg of stoned cherries:

Estonian recipes:
Ilus oranž aprikoosimoos
Kirsimoos moosisuhkruga