Rabu, 09 Juli 2008

Eton Mess Recipe

Suddenly, in the midst of summer (when all sane people should be relaxing either on the beach or at their summer cottage on the countryside), I'm too busy to even blog properly. I'd love to tell you all about my trip to the USA (in May/June!), our fabulous meal at El Bulli (in April!!) or about those 1,5 kilos of wild strawberries we picked and turned into jam (last weekend). But not yet..

However.. Tonight we had some very dear friends visiting from Sweden. Eva and Arne are a couple in their early 70s, and we have known each other since 1990. Every few years they take their small motorboat to Estonia to visit my parents and the country they've come to love. As we hadn't seen for a few years, I invited them, my parents and my sister's family over for dinner tonight. I needed a quick and non-elaborate dessert idea, and as strawberries are still very much in season here, I decided to make Eton Mess.

I know you don't need a recipe, but just in case you do, here it is :)

Eton Mess
(Eton Mess e. inglise maasikadessert beseeküpsistega)
Serves 4, can be easily doubled

200 ml whipping cream
1 Tbsp sugar
250 grams strawberries
50 grams small meringue cookies
fresh mint, to garnish

Whip the cream and sugar until soft peaks form.
Clean the strawberries and cut into smaller pieces, if necessary.
Layer strawberries, meringues and whipped cream into a large serving bowl or into individual glasses.
Garnish with chopped fresh mint and serve.